Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World of Cars

World of Cars Review

Indeed, this one's great for "Cars" fans of any age. I only regret that we don't yet have more such volumes illustrating some backstory for all of the characters! There's a great intro from John Lasseter as well.

I love all five stories here, but in order, my favorites are:

"Showstopper" (Flo's, & therefore slightly Ramone's); "Ciao, America!" (Luigi's & Guido's); "And Now a Word from Our Sponsors" (Lightning's & Mac's); Hoodwinked (Mater's); and "Banged Up" (Doc Hudson's.) Each entertaining, funny, and beautifully illustrated tale provides a slice of the characters' earlier lives. The pictures on each page are terrific--big, colorful, and detailed.

I personally found Flo's and Luigi/Guido's stories to be the most creative and interesting, but again, they're all very good. (I love that Lightning's features Rusty and Dusty of Rust-eaze--those two clowns clearly based on the hosts of the fantastic National Public Radio program Car Talk, 'Click & Clack the Tappet Brothers!')

So if you read or buy just a couple of "Cars" books, this is one to go for, along with "Meet the Cars" (which is likewise an enlightening wealth of facts, that tells you a bit about each of 100 characters.) With this, you'll actually learn new things about each of the included characters, and definitely enjoy both the well-written text and the pictures. They're loaded with the delightful and engaging cleverness you've probably come to adore and expect from Pixar.

World of Cars Feature

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World of Cars Overview

Ever wonder how Mater first lost his hood? Or why Rust-eze started sponsoring Lightning McQueen? What about how Guido and Luigi came to Radiator Springs?

This deluxe jacketed, hardcover storybook reveals all this and more in five delightful, brand-new adventures! Find out about Flo's glamorous life before Radiator Springs and how Doc Hudson escaped the racetrack's limelight to become a doctor. Plus there are two elaborate gatefolds (including a map following Guido and Luigi's crazy road trip across the United States!) and an introduction by the film's award-winning director John Lasseter.

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