Monday, October 25, 2010

The Chambliss Tapes

The Chambliss Tapes Review

This is a nice little time travel adventure about a young man who is compelled to go back in time to rescue his twin brother who died at the age of four. I like the premise that the trips were being funded by an agency that wanted to record famous points in sports history. Also, there was a nice take on the limits of what could be fixed by time-travel.

On the negative side, I don't think enough attention was paid to the consequences of the trip. To me, their should have been more consequences to the individual's personal relationships from living 30 years outside his time.

The Chambliss Tapes Overview

Short story, 7,314 words. Time travel story based around NY Yankees Chris Chambliss' historic pennant-winning homerun in the 1976 American League Championship Series. A man (Jon) who works for Sports Illuminated, a time travel agency that documents famous events in sports, travels back in time from 2006 to 1976 to document Chambliss' famous homerun. But Jon has another agenda—to save his identical twin brother who died in an accident.

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