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Five-Star Basketball Drills

Five-Star Basketball Drills Review

The Five Star Basketball Camps are legendary for helping players develop basic and advanced skills. Many of the same drills used at the camps are explained in this book.

It is a great source of information and ideas for youth basketball coaches, middle school/junior high coaches, sub-varsity coaches and varsity coaches.

It includes details about how to get the finer points of a given skill across to players.

A solid resource for coaches.

Kevin Sivils - author of Game Strategies and Tactics for Basketball: Bench Coaching for Success

Five-Star Basketball Drills Feature

  • How to book

Five-Star Basketball Drills Overview

Over 5,000 talented players have completed the Five-Star program and received scholarships. Distinguished alumni include Isiah Thomas, Moses Malone, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, Mark Aguirre, John Paxson, Jim Paxson, Jeff Ruland, Darnell Valentine, and Mike O'Koren. Here, in print for the first time, is a compilation of 131 drills they practiced at the nation's premier basketball camp. The book includes the following:
  • 131 of the best drills used at the Five-Star camp
  • Conditioning, one, two, and three player drills for men and women
  • Proven regimens from a star-studded galaxy of NCAA and NBA coaches
  • Step by step instructions with pictures and diagrams to maximize your potential and practice time

"Howard Garfinkel and Will Klein are as well organized in their presentation of drills as they are in their camp. This book is a great contribution to your basketball library." -- Bob Knight

"Owning one of the most varied sports libraries in the country, I consider myself an expert on sports books. Nowhere on my shelves is there anything approaching the value of these drills for youngsters and young coaches. It's the best drill book in America." -- George Raveling

"With the advent of the three-point shot, there's now a high priority on the skill parts of the game. This book will help the dedicated user become a fundamentally sound player." -- Mike Fratello

"A must for all young players and coaches who want to learn the game the way it should be taught." -- Rick Pitino

"Five-Star has done a great job helping kids. I admire the way they've emphasized teaching the concepts and maintained the personal touch in dealing with youngsters. This book carries on that great tradition." -- Mike Krzyzewski

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