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A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Gift Edition: Hunting for the Meaning of Life (Chapman, Steve)

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Gift Edition: Hunting for the Meaning of Life (Chapman, Steve) Review

Once I picked this book up and started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I made the mistake of taking it hunting with me thinking "Oh, a book that will keep me thinking about hunting so I won't get too distracted..." Well actually, this book did the exact opposite. It almost made me miss a deer.

But as for the book itself, it isn't just some collection of hunting successes and failures. It's Chapman's own opinion on how morals and lessons learned through hunting are incorporated into every hunter's life. It is beautifully written and the illustrations included at the beginning of each of the chapters are not only appropriate, but they also serve as reminders of good and bad times to hunters (I certainly remember looking at a few of those pictures and thinking "Hey, I've been in that situation before too... good times...").

Chapman has done an excellent job on this book. If you have an appreciation for hunting that goes beyond the simplicity of just going out into the wilderness to shoot things, and an equally strong appreciation for your religion (The bible is quoted throughout the book for those who would like to know, but there is no in-depth interpretation of it. He isn't trying to promote religion, just show how his love for hunting and his religion go hand-in-hand), then I highly recommend that you read this book.

I lent the book to a friend so I don't have it with me as I write this review to quote it properly, but I do have an idea about how my favorite line in the book goes. It was something along the lines of making the most of your life before "life comes up behind you, taps you on the shoulder, and tells you the hunt is over." This quote goes with a short story told earlier in the chapter, but it still has a powerful meaning behind it nonetheless.

So as mentioned before, if this sounds at all interesting to you, go ahead and get the book. This is one story you'll never regret reading.

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Gift Edition: Hunting for the Meaning of Life (Chapman, Steve) Overview

From the incredible rush of bagging “the big one” to standing in awe of God’s magnificent creation, author and outdoor enthusiast Steve Chapman perfectly captures the spirit of the hunt in this gift edition of the bestselling A Look at Life from a Deer Stand (more than 146,000 copies sold). Heartwarming tales of life lessons gleaned from the art of hunting are woven together with the inspiring wildlife art of the award–winning Hautman brothers.

New to the Harvest House group of artists, the Hautman brothers are America’s foremost family of wildlife painters. Their artistic animal renderings are intricately detailed and capture the very essence of the great outdoors—a perfect match for the eloquent writings and poetry of Steve Chapman.

A perfect gift for dad on his birthday, Father’s Day, or any holiday occasion.

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