Friday, October 22, 2010

6 Weeks to Winning Weekend Golf

6 Weeks to Winning Weekend Golf Review

I recently retired and decided to learn to play golf. This book has been so helpful that I have read it twice. I don't know how valuable it would be for golfers with low handicaps, but for most of us just learning to play the game as well as golfers struggling to play bogey golf, the book is outstanding. As another viewer remarked, the book contains typos, but the typos were not distracting (and I'm a retired English teacher). For , you can't go wrong with this book. I would have paid much more!

6 Weeks to Winning Weekend Golf Overview

Mark Twain commented on golf by saying, "it is a good walk spoiled". He was frustrated by the game. Certainly there are days when "it is a good walk spoiled", thankfully there are moments when it is "a good life made better". This book is about the techniques that will make your walk better. How to putt, chip, drive how to aim, and most importantly how to think about each round of golf. Playing the game better will help you enjoy it more. The most valuable winning techniques that I have been passing along for more than a quarter century are in this book this book. Apply them and you will be a happier golfer. Learn the secrets of "Big Hole Putting"; take the "Double Bogey Challenge". Follow the clear advice of the Practice Sessions. In 6 short weeks you will be a winning weekend golfer.

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