Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Red Fox and His Canoe (I Can Read Book 1)

Red Fox and His Canoe (I Can Read Book 1) Review

This is a story about an Indian boy who wants a bigger and better canoe, yet learns at the end that small and functional is most often good enough. Red Fox asks his father to help him build a bigger canoe, and they do. Red Fox then goes out on the water and catches a lot of fish. This attracts a large bear that climbs in the canoe and eats all the fish. More bears then climb in, followed by a raccoon and some otters. They all manage until a moose also wants to get in the canoe. This is too much and it breaks apart. Red Fox then takes some of the pieces and patches together a small personal canoe similar to what he had before.
The meaning of this story is clear and it is a valuable lesson for children. If what you have is good enough then asking for something better may cause problems that you can't handle. I enjoyed the story and recommend it for children three to six.

Red Fox and His Canoe (I Can Read Book 1) Feature

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Red Fox and His Canoe (I Can Read Book 1) Overview

Red Fox wants a big canoe. And when he gets it, he's off to catch a million fish. But Red Fox gets more than he bargained for in his roomy new canoe -- a bear and his buddies, two otters, a raccoon and... soon there won't be any room left for Red Fox!

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