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Terry Fox: His Story (Revised)

Terry Fox: His Story (Revised) Review

"Terry Fox: His Story" tells of the life of a man who needs little introduction the world over. Terry's one-legged run halfway across Canada in 1980 is a story of great national pride here, and indeed many countries have caught on to the spirit. Terry's tragic, heroic story is commemorated every year with the fundraising "Terry Fox Run", held around the world, with the proceeds going towards cancer research.

"His Story" succeeds in providing a comprehensive, if not overly personal, look at Terry's life. I was also impressed by the dynamic and care given to the run itself, as it progressed from one location/town to another. Not every city was as enthusiastic as the last one, for instance, and the author takes care to show how Terry learns to respond to these varying regional reactions, and learns to become a very capable public speaker. The author also takes great care to show that the running was not easy work for Terry, that on many days he simply physically could not accomplish what he set out to do. It makes what he did accomplish all that much more impressive.

All in all, I was left with a new respect for Terry as a result of reading this book. As an occasional runner myself, I know how difficult it is to get up, on two legs, and go. Which makes you wonder, if Terry Fox could jog nearly a marathon every day for six months on one leg, by comparison, what excuse has anybody else got to not do anything?

Matthew D. Johnston

Terry Fox: His Story (Revised) Overview

Terry Fox, the one-legged runner from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, made an indelible impression upon people across Canada and around the world. An outstanding athlete with a stubborn and competitive spirit, he lost his leg to cancer at 19, but said “nobody is ever going to call me a quitter.”

On April 12, 1980, Terry Fox set out from St. John’s, Newfoundland to begin the run across Canada that he named the Marathon of Hope. His ambition was to raise a million dollars for cancer research. It wasn’t easy. Initial support from communities varied from terrific to nothing at all. His prosthetic leg was painful to run on, and there were always traffic and extreme weather conditions to deal with. But, by the time he reached Ontario – a journey of more than 3,000 kilometres – word of his achievement had spread, and thousands cheered him and followed his progress. Terry’s spirits soared, and now he hoped to raise million dollars – one dollar for every Canadian. He succeeded in this ambition, but the Marathon of Hope ended near Thunder Bay, Ontario on September 1, 1980. The cancer had spread to his lungs, and, after running 24 miles in one day, on the next he could run no further.

When cancer finally claimed his life in 1981, Canada mourned the loss of a hero, but the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope lives on. The Terry Fox Foundation raised more than million in 1999, and support for the event nationally and around the world is growing.

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