Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Art of Putting: The Revolutionary Feel-Based System for Improving Your Score

The Art of Putting: The Revolutionary Feel-Based System for Improving Your Score Review

Good book. Helped me improve the way I was approaching putting, albeit not everything fits me.. I'm more a mallet-putter type and won't go back to blades, so had to work a bit around the concepts expressed in the book to adapt them to my putting style. Still, I share a big deal of "principles" and having them laid out in plain and simple english really helped out. One example is distance control: your body has it inside, no mechanics thinking can match that.. but Stan points rightly to the fact that only achieving consistent ball impact unlocks your "natural" talent (just as for any other club). And as a more funky note, reading this book helped me click about how to properly drive the ball.. and it works!
Overall, I would recommend this book to any golfer willing to learn the basics and sound fundamentals that underlie a solid putting stroke.. but some work will be left for you to adapt and integrate all this into your own style.

The Art of Putting: The Revolutionary Feel-Based System for Improving Your Score Overview

A breakthrough approach to putting from the PGA Tour’s premier short-game guru

PGA stars such as Jay Haas, Craig Stadler, Peter Jacobsen, and Darren Clarke have all sought advice from fellow pro Stan Utley about their putting, and have gone on to such immediate success on the green that Utley has become the most in-demand teacher in the game. Now, in The Art of Putting he outlines his unique approach to putting for golfers of all skill levels. In a welcome change from mechanistic and overly-complex putting "systems," Utley breaks down the putting stroke to a simple, natural motion, revealing a straightforward method for learning this sure, repeatable stroke.

As he guides you through the fundamentals of the proper grip, posture, alignment, and swing, Utley will overhaul and improve your stroke by putting feel back into your game. This definitive book also provides:

• A complete primer on club design, with tips for finding the putter most in tune with the nuances of your swing
• A guide to the sensory aspects of a good putt, from grip pressure to impact response to the way a putt should sound
• Simple steps for reading greens accurately, every time
• Drills to commit your putting stroke to muscle memory and overcome the tics that can knock your putts off line
• Cures for the mental hurdles you’ll face on the short grass

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