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Chi Gung: Chinese Healing, Energy and Natural Magick

Chi Gung: Chinese Healing, Energy and Natural Magick Review

"Who wants to be a Superhero" was broadcast recently on the Sci-Fi channel and got me thinking about Superheroes and their powers. Feedback, the winning character, had the ability to absorb the powers and abilities of the video games he plays which reminded me of the part in Lily Carnie's book where she talks about using video games to enhance your Chi Gung skills. In re-reading her book, I was struck by the way the practice of Chi Gung folds into the training and abilities that have long been associated with the Superhero.

The entire second part of her book is devoted to the various ways you can train in Chi Gung. When she talked about increasing healing speed, taking snow baths, tracking animals and training in high altitude locations it reminded me of the Marvel Superhero Wolverine and the way he often retreats into the Canadian wilderness. Captain America embodies her discussion on Self Confidence and Positive Thinking. When she talked about projecting and absorbing Chi, I thought of various X-Men like Cyclops projecting Chi from his eyes or Gambit charging items with Chi to make them explosive or Rogue who can absorb the Chi from another person gaining their memories and skills.

Ms Carnie's entire section on sensory training and the ways you can enhance your sense of touch, smell, hearing and taste is exactly how Daredevil operates on a daily basis. The way she talks about using intuition to guide and direct ones actions and understanding of a situation is exactly like Spiderman's Spider-Sense.

Despite their enhanced abilities, many Superheroes like Daredevil, Captain America, or the X-men, are dedicated to training to master their abilities and utilize them to the fullest. Each day, regardless of the battles won, they return to their gym, headquarters or Danger Room to continue their training. Captain America was shown teaching Chi Gung to Spiderman in the first issue of the comic "Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman" to help him focus his Chi and accomplish things he never thought he could do before. This parallels Lily Carnie's own approach to Chi Gung training as something that can always be refined, enhanced and taken to the next level.

Her book is a valuable training manual for cultivating your Chi Gung skills. With imagination, dedication, and focus, even you can become a real Superhero.

Chi Gung: Chinese Healing, Energy and Natural Magick Feature

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Chi Gung: Chinese Healing, Energy and Natural Magick Overview

You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of physical and psychic energy (called "chi" in Chinese). With it you can harness the magickal power of the universe. How do you do it? By learning the ancient Chinese art of breath, posture, and sensory awareness as explained in Chi Gung by L. V. Carnie.

As you learn this system to direct your flow of chi you will be able to achieve ultimate health and things you have only dreamed of:

- Look and feel younger
- Add healthy years to your life
- Progress faster in martial arts training
- Develop psychic abilities: heal at a distance, talk with spirits, move objects with your mind
- Increase your fitness level
- Help damaged tissue heal more quickly
- Increase sexual performance
- Learn to control your body temperature
- Bond with animals in the wild or in your home

Chi Gung is filled with simple but effective exercises for mind, body, and spirit that will open your flow of chi as they open you to a whole new world of possibilities. No other chi gung book in print covers such a broad range of material or presents the actual training techniques for achieving the more advanced skills.

The exercises include simple stretches and slow movements with visualization and breathwork. One technique that is fully explained is called the small circulation, or the microcosmic cycle. It will teach you to circulate your chi around your body and head without having it enter your arms or legs. Another technique, the grand circulation or heavenly cycle teaches you to move chi throughout your entire body. It's not difficult, and you can do it no matter your current level of health or fitness.

The powerful techniques here can be used alone or within any spiritual or magical system. Add them to what you are doing today!

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