Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes

Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes Review

I was on the swim team as a little kid. I mean little. Never learned how to do a flip-turn. At 32 I decided to try swimming as a way to stay fit. After a few months in the pool, I was losing weight, but getting bored. I bought this book just for variety in my workouts. A mere three months later, other swimmers are stopping me and asking if I competed in college, how many triathalons I have competed in (zero!), and I even had someone's coach tell me I had great form. I attribute my development into a speedy, flip-turning, bilateral breather 100% to this book. The workouts based on form and muscle endurance are my favorites and have helped me the most. The workouts are long - I just set a timer for one hour and do what I can....lately, I have started finishing the sets before my timer goes off. The book is freestyle only, and I look forward to trying the book with all four strokes. I recommend the book to anyone who asks me how they can become a better swimmer!

Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes Feature

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Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes Overview

Triathletes who hope to improve their swimming too often mix and match workouts or workout segments with no particular goal. The workouts in this set provide a handy, compact, inspiring — and waterproof — program. Written by an elite-level triathlon and cycling coach, and a former U.S. National Team swimming coach, the book comprises seven workout categories: Anaerobic Endurance Speed, Anaerobic Endurance Form, Force Speed, Force Form, Muscular Endurance Speed, Muscular Endurance Form, and Muscular Endurance Distance. The variety of workouts included and their ease of use keep the process engaging and allow users to more easily achieve elusive swimming goals. Workouts in a Binder can easily be used in conjunction with triathlon training manuals such as Training Plans for Multisport Athletes or The Triathlete’s Training Bible, or as stand-alone workouts for swimmers. Illustrated throughout, a bound set of waterproof workout cards for triathletes at all levels is also included.

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