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The Hardcore Diaries

The Hardcore Diaries Review

In WWE-produced promos for legendary wrestler Mick Foley's third memoir "The Hardcore Diaries," he said "Hey, Winston Churchill had three autobiographies - and who did he ever beat?" That kind of clever humor was abundant in Foley's first two wrestling memoirs, "Have a Nice Day" and "Foley is Good," as was skillful storytelling and an ability to keep the reader's attention in a mandible claw-like hold. Unfortunately for Foley, he'd set a high standard for himself in that department, both in those previous memoirs and his other literary works, that "The Hardcore Diaries" can't help but be a disappointment by comparison.
But, that's only by comparison. Unless you're not a wrestling fan already, you won't need Foley's previous pair of autobiographies to understand the ins and outs of the business, the context of the story, and much of the insider knowledge the hardcore legend brings to the reader. Written, as the title suggests, in journal entry form, this third entry (five years removed from its predecessor) is told in a less straightforward autobiographical form than before, which is both good and bad; it allows Foley to be extremely candid and honest (often coming off as far more pessimistic and dour than his fans may be used to), but it also allows for some irrelevant tangents on topics that have little or nothing to do with wrestling. And though some of those tangents may be somewhat interesting to read, they probably won't please fans who bought the book strictly for its wrestling appeal.
Not withstanding, "The Hardcore Diaries" is worth the read, but don't expect a hilarious, brawling masterpiece like before - instead, enjoy a blunt, honest diary, with a bit of familiar Foley humor sprinkled throughout, about the more frustrating side of being a wrestling legend.

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The Hardcore Diaries Overview

What was I thinking? Another autobiography? A third? Who did I think I was, Winston Churchill? Why would I want to set my pen loose on hundreds of sheets of notebook paper unless I really felt I had something worth writing about?

Besides, I had a wrestling comeback to prepare for, mentally and physically, provided I could get Vince McMahon and the WWE creative staff to embrace what I was sure was the single greatest storyline of my career.

Then it hit me: the storyline. I would give WWE fans unprecedented access to World Wrestling Entertainment, covering everything from conception to completion. I would recount how I felt about specific interviews and matches, whether they helped or hurt. I would expose the backstage politics, shed some light on my rocky relationship with Vince McMahon, offer insights into my personal dealings with WWE Superstars, and tell stories about my favorite Divas.

But I wasn't interested in writing just a wrestling book. I wanted to share moments from my personal life as well, from a humorous look at my unlikely dinner with polarizing neocon Paul Wolfowitz, to my haunting meeting with a severely burned boy in Afghanistan, to my peculiar obsession with a certain jolly old elf.

I knew I could make the fans care about this storyline, provided I could once again find the passion to make the story come to life in arenas around the country and on television sets around the world.

Most importantly, I had to ask myself a vital question, one upon which this whole idea, and therefore the book you hold, hinges: Was I willing to become the first voluntary member of the Vince McMahon "Kiss My Ass Club"? I sat on the idea for a few days, to let the idea ripen and mature in my mind, like a fine vintage wine, and to figure out if I was really willing to kiss his ass. I mean, literally kiss a man's ass. Sure, I'd been kissing the same guy's ass figuratively for a decade. But this was different. Did I really have the testicular fortitude required for such a task? In front of millions? Including my wife and kids?

I made the call.

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