Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 Steps to Successful Boat Docking

7 Steps to Successful Boat Docking Review

I've been a boater for several years and would say that I am above average in my boating skills and knowledge. This book helped me hone my skills and it does a great job of capturing the principles of boat docking for all types of vessels. It was nice for me to read that I was doing most things correctly but I did definitely learn some new things. For the things that I was already doing correctly, it gave context and good explanations of why you should do it a certain way and the dynamics involved that make the technique work. It's a good book overall.

7 Steps to Successful Boat Docking Overview

Forget the why's of boat docking; this book is filled with the how to's that will lead you to dock your boat successfully, even in wind and/or current. It presents the "local knowledge" of the authors in an easily understood, and simply implemented, 7-step process. For helmsmen/women with single-engine inboard vessels, power or sail; twin-engine inboard and outboard vessels; single-engine outboard or inboard/outboard or stern-drive vessels.

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