Friday, September 24, 2010

Your Pilot's License

Your Pilot's License Review

This book reads a bit like a reference book and a bit like textbook. Many problems I have when trying to do something I've never done before (i.e. flying) is that I never know where to start. Knowing that I don't know what I don't know can turn me off to a new activity quickly. This book gives a good overview of what kinds of flying are available, what you can expect to spend, where to look for like-minded people in your area, finding mentors to help you, choosing a flight instructor and many other types of knowledge you will need to not only pass ground school, but apply during your check ride. It also tells you what to expect with that, too.

Overall a great book to show your ignorance of the subject and how to make yourself smart. I hihghly recommend it for anyone wanting a "pilot's primer." If you already know a bit about the flying culture, this book might not be for you but may still have insights you may have overlooked or refresh your knowledge on certain points.

Your Pilot's License Overview

Previous editions of this classic guided tens of thousands through the often unnerving process of getting their piloting licenses. This revised edition continues to provide encouragement and practical information, and adds new material on the recreational pilot license, the primary aircraft certification program, the new airspace designation system, and other subjects of interest to potential pilots. The book also reflects the most recent changes in regulations, testing, and procedures. This unique approach thoroughly encompasses all the information student pilots need to learn. The book takes the guesswork out of learning to fly by anticipating the potential pilot's questions and clearly presenting words and pictures to help dispel doubts and build confidence.

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