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Dream On: One Hack Golfer's Challenge to Break Par in a Year

Dream On: One Hack Golfer's Challenge to Break Par in a Year Review

I am an avid golfer, a voracious reader and I particular enjoy insightful reads about the game of golf. So the decision to read "Dream On" was a bit of a no-brainer. Having said that, I got much more than I bargained for when I read "Dream On." The author unveils his process in achieving what some would assume to be a near impossible goal: to go from being unable to break 100 to shooting under par in ONE ROUND of golf, within one year. The process that Mr. Richardson discusses is, in my opinion, so much more meaningful than what he achieves and therein lies the real value of "Dream On." The author gives you great insight into HOW he achieved his goal. He provides a detailed accounting of his process of visualizing one's goal, identifying and understanding the obstacles to reaching that goal, developing a PLAN for success and most importantly, committing to the process and work needed to overcome the obstacles and achieve success. If you have a goal that you would like to achieve and especially if it is a big, hairy, audacious goal, you will benefit greatly from reading "Dream On" and applying the principles that the author used in hitting his "impossible" target!

Dream On: One Hack Golfer's Challenge to Break Par in a Year Feature

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Dream On: One Hack Golfer's Challenge to Break Par in a Year Overview

The #1 bestselling golf book in the UK, now available in North America. Meet John Richardson. A typical weekend golfer who enjoyed the game but couldn’t break 100. Married. One seven-year-old daughter. Full-time job. But he differed from the average 24-handicapper in one crucial way: He was determined to break par within a year at the local golf course, while working a demanding full-time job and trying his best to remain a good husband and father.

Virtually everyone he came across told him that it wasn’t possible. Famed Scottish golfer/commentator Sam Torrance advised John to “dream on,” and PGA Tour pro Darren Clarke told him that three years would be a more realistic time frame. Add to the mix a range of golfing injuries, family responsibilities, and a rigorous work schedule, and you can understand why there were so many doubters.

Dream On is the hilarious and inspiring story of how John achieved the seemingly impossible—from how the initial challenge took shape and the methods he used to dramatically improve his game, to that glorious day, less than one year later, when he broke par and played the best round of his life.

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