Monday, September 20, 2010

The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week

The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week Review

I grabbed TTCC because I signed up for a metric century and was not in any shape to do it. When I started the program, I could do about 20 miles over roughly 1 hour of riding before I was done. I followed the program pretty closely, but sometimes missed the 1 or 2 midweek rides and was still able to complete my metric century in 3hrs and 15mins after 9 weeks.

What I really appreciated is that the book explains the method behind the madness. I changed my pedaling style to a higher cadence and was able to keep my lactic acid buildup to a minimum. I have focused on the using my heartrate as a gauge for effort and that made a huge difference.

My only point of disappointment was that I started gaining weight (especially around weeks 3-5) as I added muscle mass. It was discouraging, but I did see a change to my physique as my legs got bigger and my stomach got smaller. At week 9, my weight is down 5lbs from the start, but my body has changed and my clothes fit much looser, especially around the waist. This book won't make you drop pounds quickly, but it will make you quicker on the bike.

I was very impressed that Chris & Jim have been very responsive to questions i asked via Twitter ([...]) about the program. It is very unusual for an author to answer individual questions like that.

I have a friend who is training for a true century and I've already bought him a copy. I would recommend you pick up a copy, too.

The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week Feature

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The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week Overview

As cycling's popularity grows with men and women in their thirties, forties, fifties, and beyond, the traditional ideas about training for endurance sports need a new approach to reflect the daily challenges faced by parents and working professionals. In The Time-Crunched Cyclist, Chris Carmichael presents that new approach to cycling training. Using elements from the same program he designed for Tour de France winner Armstrong, this guide shows how to build competitive cycling fitness on a realistic schedule -- a schedule that fits into the busy lives of today's active middle-agers. Complete with training plans, case studies, nutritional guidelines, and success stories, "The Time-Crunched Cyclist" shows cyclists how to push the pace in the local group ride, have fun, and perform well in local races, or tackle a challenging 100-mile fundraiser ride without committing to a high-volume training program.

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