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Tactical Pistol Shooting: Your Guide to Tactics & Techniques that Work

Tactical Pistol Shooting: Your Guide to Tactics & Techniques that Work Review

Let me just say at the outset that this book is worth buying if for nothing else it will save you hundreds of dollars in wasted ammo at the range. (As a caveat to revolver shooters, this book focuses on semi-automatic pistols, so you might want to go a different direction if that is your weapon of choice. That said, the techniques discussed are applicable to revolvers with the exception of grip.) I found the sections on stance, grip, sight picture, trigger pull, reloading, and jam clearing to be well worth the purchase. I applied the author's suggestion regarding dry fire drills and immediately figured out my trigger pull issues the next time out to the range. There is also a whole list of drills at the end of the book to do. So from a basic pistol marksmanship standpoint, this is a fine reference and is well photographed. I wouldn't have minded some overhead diagrams on certain techniques (for example, a line like "orient to your dominant eye" is confusing without a diagram, i.e. orient how?), but that is a small quible.

Beyond the basic shooting aspect of this book I found the sections on "tactics" or "combat mind set" to be lacking. Not because the philosophy wasn't valid, but because most topics were discussed merely in bullet points or lists in simple declarative terms. Perhaps all of those topics are too vast to be compiled in any one book, and this presents itself as a primer or introduction to those ideas, but for a book that purports to be a guide to these techniques, I expected a little more background. For example, threat conditions were discussed, but merely in terms of "definition" and when someone should be at one of those conditions, not in any detail on what one does in those situations, i.e., a "tactic." Another example would be drawing from a concealed holster, the draw technique is discussed but not the finer points of concealment, concealment choices, etc. Also, I expected to see chapters on house/room clearing, and how to index a threat situation. This is another area where declaratively the author states that you must "index your threats" to choose your target, but goes into no greater detail on how one would do that, i.e., a tip, an anecdote or two.

Tactical Pistol Shooting: Your Guide to Tactics & Techniques that Work Overview

The essential reference for the beginning shooter, Tactical Pistol Shooting, 2nd edition, provides a thorough introduction to the use of tactical pistols. Readers get instruction in defense mindsets, pistol terms, shooting fundamentals and shooting positions, emphasis on important safety precautions and lawful personal defense. Readers will also find advanced techniques, training drills and complicated shooting environments. More than 350 detailed, step-by-step, color photos clearly illustrate the techniques shooters will master to become more adept with a tactical pistol. Appendices include a discussion of shooting standards, equipment supplies listings, progress worksheets and more.

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