Wednesday, September 29, 2010

His Father's Son: Earl and Tiger Woods

His Father's Son: Earl and Tiger Woods Review

His Father's Son: Earl and Tiger Woods Overview

A revealing and intimate biography of the man who influenced Tiger Woods the most-his father, Earl Woods.

From the time he entered the public consciousness as a two year-old golf prodigy on The Mike Douglas Show, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods has often been viewed less as a human being and more as a ball-striking machine-and his carefully guarded image and emotionless persona seemed to guarantee that it would remain that way. Even after his recent bombshell adultery scandal, the public still knows very little about the man behind the golf clubs and multimillion-dollar endorsement deals. But one thing is certain: Earl Woods, Tiger's beloved and now deceased father, knew him better and influenced his life more than anyone. So, in this case, to know the father is to know the son.

In His Father's Son, Tom Callahan offers a full-blown biography of Earl Dennison Woods, the Vietnam War veteran who raised the golf phenomenon, and in turn, a full-blown biography of Tiger Woods. With exclusive access to and interviews with Earl, Tiger, and a host of friends, family members, coaches, and veteran golf players, Callahan provides an unprecedented look into their lives and the remarkably close relationship that Earl and Tiger had. With unparalleled insight into the man who made Tiger Woods the person that he is, His Father's Son is part biography and part father-and-son love story.

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