Friday, November 5, 2010

Tennis Magic: 150 Magic Tricks Designed To Supercharge Your Game

Tennis Magic: 150 Magic Tricks Designed To Supercharge Your Game Review

Magic Tricks? I just want to play better tennis. The title turned me off of the book initially and then the price. It costs about two to three times what other tennis books cost. But I did the "click to read inside" and I felt I learned some good tips right away so I bought the book to see what the rest of it was about.

And the good advice just kept popping out page after page.

The book is not organized by chapters of ideas but rather by question and answers. You find your question and read the answer. I find that I do better with the book when I have an actual question in my mind than just reading the questions in order with their answers. Having that mental conversation makes a huge difference. I'd say this book is actually worth about 20 or so private lessons so it is a good value.

Finally Mallory is an engaging writer. So he keeps you hooked and thinking about what is going on. I cannot say the same for the some of the Pros I've taken lessons from!

Tennis Magic: 150 Magic Tricks Designed To Supercharge Your Game Overview

You either know the solution or correction that will give you the results you want, or you don't!

Enter Tennis Magic - a unique problem-solving guide loaded with dynamic, practical solutions to your most pressing concerns.

You've got questions, and Tennis Magic has answers - and they're not just theoretical. Here, each answer to your tennis questions is a solution - presented as a powerful, easy to learn trick.

With Tennis Magic, everything that has traditionally been taught as a skill has been distilled into a series of tricks that live in the present rather than the future. Once you learn a trick, you've got it - and learning them is fast, easy and fun. Sure, you'll continue to polish them, but in every important aspect you own them from day one. They work the very first time you actually use them, and things only get better from there.

Remember: Slow progress and constant frustration are not intrinsic parts of the learning curve. There is a better way!

So if "Big fun - good game - sooner!" is your objective, then get happy: These tricks will enable you to respond quickly and effectively to virtually any tennis challenge. With the help of Tennis Magic, players around the world are breaking free of their old limitations, and improving their games like never before. Tricks rule - so learn one today, and use it today! There's no better time to start playing like a pro than right this very minute.

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