Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sail and Rig Tuning

Sail and Rig Tuning Review

Practical, step by step manual with very good illustrations. Use it to study or a reference book when you trim your sails and rigging. Especially rigging is something often overlooked. Just go around a marina and see/feel for yourself. There is at least a knot of speed hidden in your rigging. Also you don't want to get the mast on your head. Do check in the mast before you start, toggles and spreaders must be in good shape. Don't overtension. Highly recommended. I must have bought more than a fair number because I keep giving them away to people who see and like it.

Having sailed my whole life ([...]) doesn't mean that I have all this in my head or that I do know the why of the intuitive trimming of the sails. This book always gives me something to try out on my own or other people's boats. You will be surprised how you can improve even an old sail by systematically using the steps in this book.

Sail and Rig Tuning Feature

  • ISBN13: 9781898660675
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Sail and Rig Tuning Overview

"Illustrated Sail & Rig Tuning" ISBN 1 898660 67 0 An uniquely illustrated sailing manual on sail trim and rig tuning both for the racing and cruising yachtsman. 150 descriptive colour illustrations.shows you the art of trimming sails and tuning of rigs for optimum performance. Sail trim and Rig tuning made easy!

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