Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stretch to Win

Stretch to Win Review

Stretch to Win Feature

  • By Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick
  • Features 250 pages / black and white illustrations and photos
  • Learn stretching techniques from experienced athletic trainers
  • Create a stretching routine for your specific sport, position, event, etc.
  • Personal flexibility assessment and a stretch finder are included to match stretches to specific muscle groups

Stretch to Win Overview

Leave the old static stretches, muscle tightness, and movement restrictions behind. Stretch to Win presents a complete flexibility training system—a proven winner for today's athlete. This is the new way to both loosen up and perform your best.

Learn the dynamic exercise techniques that most closely represent the movements and loads that will be required of your body on the court, field, course, track, or mat or in the water. After you complete a simple self-evaluation, a special science-based stretching matrix enables you to tailor a program specifically for your body, your sport, your position, or your event.

Authors Ann and Chris Frederick have trained many elite and aspiring athletes to achieve optimal muscle and joint function. Now you can stretch to win and enjoy the same results champions in all sports have achieved through this modern, customized flexibility training program.

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